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Our products have been tested 

we hold cosmetic safety assessments



Our mission

Our ethics and values are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing natural skincare and home products that have been handmade with respect for nature. Our principles are very much in line with a slow life approach and have not changed since we started out . You can rest assured that we will continue to produce products  that are free from plastic, palm oil, parabens and SLS- products that don't cost the earth and that you can trust completely.


Eileen Hoey, founder of Handmade by Nature.



About our soaps:

Our soaps are made from three base oils.  Pomace olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic shea butter.

We think that olive pomace is the best oil for soap making due to it’s saponification values.


OurSpanish sourced pomace olive oil is still used in Spain in the traditional way to make castille soap. It helps retain moisture but doesn’t prevent the skin from breathing. That said, olive pomace fits in with our passion for reducing waste., it's  siphoned off the top of the olive fruit during the milling process it and is by it’s very nature a waste material. Predominantly made up of olive stones, bits of fruit and stalks.
The certified organic virgin coconut oil that we use smells incredible in its raw form and still contains its original waxes. It is not deodorised, bleached or hydrogenised and it gives my soaps a bubbly and creamy lather, it adds a hardness to the overall bar and provides highly cleansing properties to the soap.

The unrefined certified organic shea butter in our soap has a high concentration of vitamins (A,E &F) and fatty acids which help to create an incredibly nourishing soap, unlike lots of other soaps available on the market which eventually strip your skin of natural oils. 

Our soaps are made in the slow and traditional cold process way and feature ingredients which are often home grown  recycled or locally sourced.

Our soaps and shampoo bars need to cure for the water to evaporate and for the PH levels to balance. This takes at least 3 weeks or more. The longer the better.

Since nothing has been heated non of the goodness of any of the ingredients are lost. Thus creating lovely natural products that are wonderful for your skin but better for the planet too since no harmful pollutants are going down the drain and no plastic packaging is involved either.

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